Avoid College Roommate Pranks

Hey guys, Sandy here! I read something today on CollegeHumor and I thought I’d share - 

“My roommate hates the smell of toothpaste, and she was dumb enough to confess this to me. In the middle of the night, every night, I can hear her scrubbing the bathroom sink because she can smell it from her bed, and it makes her nauseous. While she was at class last week, I rubbed toothpaste behind the headboard of her bed frame. She has taken three showers today because she thinks the smell is on her." 
Emma M.

Gross, weird, and flat-out mean? I agree.

Here are ways RoomSync helps students avoid ‘toothpaste’ situations:

1)     Find common interests, such as avoiding toothpaste (or playing toothpaste pranks on neighbors, depending which side of the spectrum you’re on.)

2)     Do some healthy, non-creepy Facebook research. This is awesome because, if you see a picture of your roommate-to-be scrubbing toothpaste off a sink, you’ll know to steer clear.

3)     If you decide that this whole toothpaste example is weird and random, you’re absolutely right. However, you can finish reading this update with the certainty that RoomSync lets its users search different lifestyle preferences and parameters, not just their reaction to toothpaste and its many ways of driving us crazy.

There are many things about random roommates that are annoying and may or may not provide a fun story for your future kids. We encourage you to find similarly outrageous examples of roommate mishaps (whether your own, or through other sites) and share them with us by writing a comment.

PS: CVS run… I’m out of toothpaste.

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