Make The Most Of Your College’s Facebook Presence

I love my job for a lot of reasons. For one, our clients are some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people that I have met. They are thought leaders not only in housing but also in higher education.

One example is Amy Jorgensen, Marketing Coordinator at the University of Florida\'s Department of Housing & Residence Education. Amy does an incredible job with the department’s marketing, branding and social media efforts. You can connect with her on Twitter here. The UF Housing & Residence Education Facebook page experienced phenomenal growth over the past year. Likes increased by over 4,500 and there were nearly 390,000 Facebook page views in just the month of September in 2011. To put that in perspective, that’s almost double the page views their primary website page receives all year!

She recently presented her social media strategies and tactics at the ACUHO-I Business Operations conference in Orlando, FL entitled “Rock out your page – Make the most of your Facebook presence”. 

The presentation was named a "Best Of" at the conference and is full of useful social media statistics and powerful strategies to create an engaging Facebook fan page presence. My favorite statistic, courtesy of Dr. Rey Junco, is that students check Facebook an average of 5.75 times per day.


Check out all the statistics and insights from Amy at the ACUHO-I Online Library, which is full of some other fantastic presentations as well.

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