Are You Getting Enough Utility?

Or more specifically, are students getting enough utility through resources available to them? I know for a fact that as an undergraduate college student, I have countless resources at my disposal. Everything from integrated student information systems to roommate matching services exists to help me develop my college career. However, because students are bombarded with a flurry of resources, much of what is thrown at them is not sticking.

In Aesthetic vs. Utility in Higher Ed Web Design, Eric Olsen of writes about the importance of designing university websites to include the essential information looked for by students. This ease of information facilitates a focused experience for students to find their resource without jumping through hoops.


Which makes a whole lot of sense.


Through designing RoomSync, we have realized students don\'t want to feel like they are on an online dating website; they just want to discover a roommate whom they will enjoy living with on an easy-to-use platform. 

All environments should thrive on high energy, aim to fix problems, and be aesthetically pleasing. As a designer and student, I can say that getting the maximum utility out of a resource happens when I can gather what I need easily and immediately from a resource, enjoy my experience, and ultimately feel good about the whole exercise. It is a quick and painless process that should be the goal of all higher education, regardless if you are a large institution, apartment complex, or RoomSync.

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