RoomSync Works with More than 50 Universities

RoomSync Works with More than 50 Universities

Gainesville, Fla. --RoomSync (, a leadingFacebook app for college roommate selectionthat has reinvented the roommate-finding process, is now being used by more than 50 universities across the United States. To date, more than100,000 students have used the RoomSync app to find their college roommates. Recently, the app has unveiled new features, including a mobile version of the app and more robust administration controls to better serve housing departments. With a majority of college students on Facebook, the social site has become the go-to location for students to scrutinize their university-assigned roommates. The RoomSync app empowers students to select their best roommate match by allowing them to search on a mixture of lifestyle preferences and Facebook profile information. Students using RoomSync can also view mutual friends, giving them the ability to gain further insight into potential roommates. In its first year of service, RoomSync partnered with four universities. Now, approaching its 6thanniversary, the company is working more than 50 universities and is in discussion with many more for the next academic year. RoomSync works with institutions of all sizes, from Hanover College to University of Florida. In the past few months, RoomSync has collected data from several institutions that indicate using RoomSync may be positively linked to students’ GPA and re-enrollment rates. One of the schools that have contributed to this data is New Mexico State University. In a current case study written about New Mexico State, Associate Director of Administrative Operations Kierstin Stickney said, “It’s a great tool, not only for students to meet their roommates, but also to their community. And the more engaged students are, the more likely they are to show up and stay committed to our school.” A Michigan State University led study from 2011 identified five major risk factors for college dropouts and ‘roommate conflict was listed as one of these top five indicators. “We are all about empowering roommate choice. It is great to see that more and more colleges and universities are adopting RoomSync’s innovative solution for empowered roommate matching.” said Robert Castellucci, RoomSync president and co-founder. “Beyond roommate satisfaction, we believe that a roommate can influence the likelihood of success in college.”

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  • Yes, it is a huge adjustment to get used to linivg with another person in college.  My roommate and I are very different: she stays up really late every night and I like to wake up early in the morning.  But we have learned to respect each other and we usually go to the bathroom to get ready so we don’t wake up the other person when they are sleeping.  It has been an adjustment and slowly but surely we’re learning to live together and keep the peace.

    By Eduardo on 2013 09 19
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  • August 8, 2012  7:37 pm                                                                                 Good insights! Never thuoght about the awkwardness that is being obligated to be friends with someone Anyway, some people might be absolute bffs with their roommate, and have no problems with that.  But it could be bad if you spend all the time together.  That happened to one of my good friends.  She and her roommate became super close first semester and basically didn’t make any other friends.  Then her roommate turns out to be devil woman.  Anyway, avoid the bff-turn-devil roommate trap by making sure you have your own thing going.  Ivi and I got along great, but we each were involved in our own extra-curriculars.  Just ask her   I was the best roommate she ever had (she’s had quite a few devil ones). 0% intro rate credit card small business insurance cost

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