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In our mission to provide roommate confidence to millions of residents nationwide,
RoomSync offers an experience that supports a diverse and inclusive matching community.

With the diverse identities and needs of residents in mind, we provide gender inclusivity tools, gender matching preferences, and we assist clients in tailoring questionnaires to be inclusive of all identities.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of living criteria such as service and emotional support animals, and take this into account within the matching process. The RoomSync web app is ADA and WCAG compliant.

Roommate Profiles Icon

Detailed Roommate Profiles

Lifestyle Questions
Users answer a set of customized questions detailing their habits and preferences for their living environment. Their choices are showcased on their matching profile and are used to provide a compatibility percentage with other users.

Academic Majors
Users select their academic major(s) from a custom list based on their university’s majors or the university served by their community. Other users can see their choices and can use these to search for others with similar interests.

Housing Options
As an added layer of search criteria, clients can create a custom Housing Options list that may include items like residence hall preferences, community location preferences, and more.

Social Media Accounts
Users can link their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest accounts to their RoomSync profiles, allowing other users to get a full picture of the interests and personalities of their potential roommates.

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Resident Search Tools Icon

Powerful Resident Search Tools

Swipe to Like
The RoomSync app uses a fun, interactive browsing format where users will swipe through potential roommate profiles, swiping left to skip and right to like. If two users mutually swipe right, they are notified that they’re “Sync’d” and are prompted to get to know each other better.

Filter Profiles
Users can narrow their potential roommate search by applying lifestyle filters or searching by academic majors, housing options, or specific names.

Send Direct and Group Chats
Users connect directly within RoomSync app using built-in chat and messaging tools.

Post on the Discussion Board
Each community or university offering RoomSync will have a private network set up for their matching group. Within this network, users can establish a sense of community and start conversations using the built-in discussion board.

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Quotation Mark Icon

More residents are wanting control over the roommate selection process to determine who they will live with. While this has been the growing trend for years, the pandemic made this an issue of immediate focus.

American Campus Communities

Kimmy Kelley

SVP, Leasing & Marketing

American Campus Communities

See the Case Study →
See the Case Study →
Admin Control Icon

Administrative Control of the Process

Manage Residents
RoomSync administrators can add and remove users from their private matching network, view matching profiles, and customize communications with their users.

Run Reports
Administrators have access to powerful reporting tools, allowing them to efficiently utilize RoomSync data as well as retrieve insights on network performance.

Configure Community Settings
Administrators are in full control of settings like matching period open and close dates, lifestyle questions, pet options, smoking options, gender options, academic majors, housing options, and notifications.

Match Roommates
When needed, RoomSync administrators can match and unmatch users quickly and easily utilizing specific name search or compatibility scores.

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1. Dashboard
MacBook Pro Frame

Seamless Integrations

RoomSync integrates with the leading property management softwares.

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Basic Features Icon

Basic Features that Help You Sleep at Night

Filter Icon

Content Filtering
We’ve got you covered! The RoomSync app automatically prevents the use of offensive or inappropriate keywords and phrases.

Data Privacy Shield Icon

Data Privacy
RoomSync is fully compliant with FERPA and do not share any data with 3rd parties.

Padlock Icon

Data Security
We safeguard the confidentiality of all information we collect by adhering to industry-leading security protocols for data transfer and storage.

Grid Layout Icon

System Integrations
Intelligent integrations will help to streamline the matching process and reporting back to your management system.

Push Button Icon

Easy Onboarding
RoomSync matching network setup is practically effortless for the client and does not require the assistance of IT support.

Text Message Icon

Proactive Customer Service
RoomSync strives to anticipate problems before they happen, resulting in a seamless experience for users and clients. When issues do arise, RoomSync provides dedicated user and client support and is committed to excellence in customer service.

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User reviews

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1,012 ratings
4.6 out of 5
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1000x Better

I will also agree with all the other comments here and say that finding a random roommate on RoomSync is 1000x better than going totally random. I met my roommate through it and we're pretty close and probably will live together again next year.

Nov 1, 2020


5 Stars Image
Best experience!

Because of RoomSync, I met my best friend! Best college roommate choosing experience. I actually had a say in who I roomed with! It is amazing!

Oct 1, 2018


5 Stars Image
Awesome app

Moving to a new city and having to find suitable roommates can be a real nightmare. This app helped relieve that anxiety and I found a pretty cool roommate. Thank you!

Nov 12, 2019


5 Stars Image
Great App!

This is a really good app! Not only did I meet my roommate I made lots of friends as well! There’s a lot of detail so you can really find someone who is going to work with you!

Feb 11, 2020


5 Stars Image
Safest way to find a roommate

Amazing app that is a safe and fast way to find a roommate. Easy to use. Bravo.

Sep 13, 2018


5 Stars Image
Great app

Best way to find a roommate.

Jul 3, 2020

Need More Reasons?

Download the research on how roommate matching is critical to the college experience.

Roommate Matching Research Infographic

Roommate Matching Research Infographic

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