How it works

Residents sign leases
Residents are invited
to join RoomSync
Residents create profiles, search, and chat
Residents send or accept match requests
Admin reviews matches & drafts room placements
Residents move in and live happily ever after!

Resident Tools

Swipe to Browse

RoomSync uses a fun, interactive browsing format where residents swipe through potential roommate profiles to like or skip.  If two users mutually swipe right to like, they are notified that they’re “Sync’d” and are prompted to get to know each other.

Housing Options

As an added layer of search criteria, clients can create custom Housing Options that may include options like community location preferences.

Linked Social Accounts

Residents can link their TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest accounts to their profiles.  This allows other residents to get a full picture of their interests and personality.

Academic Majors

Residents select their major(s) from a custom list based on their university’s majors.  Other residents can see these choices and can also use them to search for others with similar pursuits.

Lifestyle Preferences

Residents answer customized questions detailing their habits and preferences for their living environment.  Their choices are displayed on their matching profile and are used to provide a compatibility score with other residents.

Filter & Search

Residents can narrow their roommate search by applying lifestyle filters or by searching majors, housing options, or specific names.

Direct & Group Chat

Residents connect directly inside the app with built-in direct, group, and video chat.

Community Discussion Board

Residents can build a sense of community using the built-in discussion board in your private matching environment.

Admin Tools

View Resident Profiles

Admins can view resident statuses, profile responses, social accounts, match requests, and more.

Review Integration Settings

Admins can review their Entrata, Salesforce, or custom integration settings.

Match, Unmatch, & Lock In Matches

Admins can create matches, match residents, and even lock in matches when needed.

Run Reports

Admins can view and download detailed user reports or roommate matching summary reports on-demand.

Draft Unit & Room Placements

Admins can use a powerful built-in worksheet to internally draft unit and room assignments or to track room availability as leasing progresses.

View Statistics

Admins are provided usage and match statistics at a glance when logging in to the administrator dashboard.

Configure Settings

Admins can fully customize lifestyle questions, gender settings, academic majors, housing options, resident notifications, matching period dates, and more.

Access Marketing & Training Tools

Admins can access a database of RoomSync marketing and promotional tools along with training tools to assist with implementation.

Behind the scenes

Content Filtering

The RoomSync app automatically prevents the use of offensive or inappropriate keywords and phrases.

Easy Onboarding

RoomSync matching environment setup is practically effortless for the client and our standard setup does not require the assistance of IT support.

Data Privacy

RoomSync is fully compliant with FERPA and does not share any data with third parties.

Portfolio-Wide Onboarding

RoomSync provides comprehensive onboarding support for portfolio-wide implementations, facilitating efficient simultaneous rollout across a large number of properties.

Data Security

RoomSync safeguards the confidentiality of all information we collect by adhering to industry-leading security protocols for data transfer and storage.

Proactive Customer Service

RoomSync strives to anticipate problems before they happen, resulting in a seamless experience for residents and clients.  When issues do arise, RoomSync provides dedicated, responsive support for residents and clients.

System Integrations

Intelligent integrations streamline the matching and reporting process.

Improvements & Innovation

RoomSync is always considering changes in our industry and the world in which we live.  We are committed to a constant review of our services and products, with regular releases of new features, tools, improvements, and upgrades.

Diverse and Inclusive

In our mission to provide roommate confidence to millions of residents nationwide,
RoomSync offers an experience that supports a diverse and inclusive matching community.

With the diverse identities and needs of residents in mind, we provide gender inclusivity tools, gender matching preferences, and we assist clients in tailoring questionnaires to be inclusive of all identities.

Additionally, we recognize the importance of living criteria such as service and emotional support animals, and take this into account within the matching process. The RoomSync web app is ADA and WCAG compliant.

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