University of Florida

Case Study: 

University of Florida


University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Student Population:
Adopted RoomSync:
January 2009


  1. Too many unhappy calls from students and parents about random matching.
  2. Parents completing roommate matching profiles for students.
  3. Parents and students blame housing team for unsuccessful matches.


  1. Provide students with a better housing experience.
  2. Decrease time spent helping upset parents and processing room transfer requests.
  3. Easily and quickly implement a new system.

Why RoomSync

The University of Florida chose RoomSync because it is an easy to implement system with extensive client and user support. Additionally, UF values the integration of social media in the roommate matching process.

RoomSync Results

Best Practices

Since 2009, the University of Florida has made RoomSync a household name and an expected part of their students' housing experience.

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Our students want the ability to connect with other Gators and find a roommate match in a way that is easy to use and familiar. RoomSync is a great platform that meets our students’ needs. The mobile app increased our engagement and we’re looking forward to the new and improved features coming this year. We’re confident we will see more students than ever utilizing the app and higher levels of satisfaction.

University of Florida

Tara Gallagher

Assistant Director of Housing Operations

University of Florida

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