University of Houston

Case Study: 

University of Houston


University of Houston
Houston, TX
Student Population:
Adopted RoomSync:
Fall 2012


  1. No method of connecting students before campus arrival.
  2. Too many resident transfer requests.
  3. Did not build relationships or promote engagement.


  1. Increase resident satisfaction and retention.
  2. Reduce resident transfer requests.
  3. Engage students before they arrive on campus.

Why RoomSync

The University of Houston chose RoomSync because it is a cost-effective solution and provides research supporting the university's need to increase resident satisfaction.

RoomSync Results


*Skyfactor Benchworks (formerly EBI) provides market-leading assessments and benchmarking that empower programs across the institution to identify areas of improvement for maximum impact on student outcomes.

Matching Results

Staff Findings

  • Easy to use
  • Achieves mutual goals of satisfaction
  • Self-selection is highly sought after and appreciated by students

Best Practices

  • The University of Houston makes RoomSync a required process.
  • The University of Houston incentivizes students by offering priority housing to students who have a roommate.
  • The University of Houston promotes RoomSync on social media.
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RoomSync was the only solution that utilized a universal platform that students, parents, and administration all understand.

University of Houston

Kenny Mauk

Associate Director of Housing for Operations and Outreach

University of Houston

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