We are excited to introduce a reimagined lifestyle question experience for both our end users and administrators. The new tools feature a deeper level of customization and alternative question formats, including open text and multiple choice questions, allowing for further customization of the RoomSync interface. The new format options join our preexisting slider scale questions, resulting in endless choices when it comes to the lifestyle preference questionnaire. Additionally, co-ed, smoking, and pet preferences are now integrated into the lifestyle questionnaire instead of being asked as standalone questions as they were previously.

RoomSync has utilized lifestyle preferences along with other profile selections like social media accounts, academic majors, and housing options, since its inception to provide compatibility scores and, ultimately, facilitate successful roommate matches. This combination is now enhanced by our new lifestyle questionnaire options, meaning administrators and residents will benefit from an even greater level of success in roommate selections.

Examples of new RoomSync user views for lifestyle preference selections.

RoomSync clients can use this new format to tailor their roommate matching questionnaire process to suit the specific needs of their residents, that may vary from school to school or community to community.

This feature joins the ranks of many new features released over the last year, such as group chat and Entrata integration, all aiming to enhance the RoomSync experience for users and admins.