We live in a diverse society that includes many unique identities and expressions. At RoomSync, we feel it is critical to acknowledge the individual identity of every user and create an environment that respects, accommodates, and celebrates those identities.

Today, we are launching two new features that support this mission:

Customizable Gender Settings

With this update, our clients now have complete control over all aspects of their network's gender settings, including:

  • Whether this field is displayed to residents.
  • What this field is titled in the Basic Info section for residents - it can be named to align with your community's specific needs for this setting.
  • This field's explainer language that displays in the info icon popup.
  • The list of options available to residents to choose from for this field.
  • The matching rules associated with each option.

Basic information screen with custom gender dropdown menu options.
Search screen with custom gender search tools.

Personal Pronouns

As a user sets up their basic information for roommate matching, they will now see an option to add personal pronouns.

These pronouns can be updated by the user at any time and, if selected, are displayed next to their name on the user's profile.

Basic information screen with personal pronoun options.
User profile with personal pronouns and custom gender selection.i

Questions & Feedback

If you have any questions on how these new tools work, or, if you have any feedback on these or other RoomSync features, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at info@roomsync.com or call (352) 327 - 4061.