A recent article in Student Housing Business Magazine, Control Over Roommate Matching¹, reexamined the topic of roommate matching in the student housing industry, with a focus on the evolution of technology for this purpose. RoomSync was honored to contribute to the exploration of this critical subject and share how trends over the last few years have impacted the growth of our self-selection software and services offered for student housing teams.

The biggest evolution for RoomSync involved creating a scalable self-selection tool to give many students what they ultimately want: control over who they live with.

One of RoomSync's portfolio-wide clients, Cardinal Group, also contributed to the article's investigation with Senior Vice President, Jenn Cassidy, sharing that, "We do know that the percentage of roommate conflicts has declined considerably across our portfolios utilizing roommate matching software."

The article affirms that "operators have taken note of what intelligent technology can do for the roommate matching process, allowing them to offer a more streamlined, convenient, and, most importantly, successful program to students."

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¹ Day, Nellie. "Control Over Roommate Matching." Student Housing Business Magazine, May/June 2023.