Screenshot of RoomSync app in Simplified Chinese.

The digital landscape available in our world today has transformed the way we interact as a global population. Inclusivity remains a steadfast goal of the RoomSync team. Our latest stride towards this goal comes in the form of a new language option. The RoomSync app is now available to residents in Simplified Chinese. We recognize the importance of language in creating a sense of belonging for everyone and hope this offering will deepen the welcome of our users who are more comfortable navigating the app in Chinese.

Language is the cornerstone of communication, and communication is vital when choosing with whom you’d like to live. By providing residents with the option to use the app in their preferred language, RoomSync not only enhances user experience but also tears down language barriers that could potentially hinder users from participating fully.

The RoomSync app has always aimed to foster compatible roommate matches based on shared interests, habits, and lifestyles. With our expanded language options, RoomSync is taking this one step further by connecting people who may have otherwise hesitated to participate due to language differences. In a world that thrives on diversity, these connections can lead to meaningful friendships, exchanges of ideas, and a broader perspective on life - all key components of a successful and thriving roommate relationship.

Screenshot of the RoomSync App in Simplified Chinese.

RoomSync acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of cultures, languages, and perspectives that make up our global community and we hope this latest expansion will create an even more accessible roommate matching environment where all users feel valued and respected.

Residents can enable this new language by visiting the More tab in the RoomSync App.