The RoomSync Team loves research! We’ve spent years collecting and analyzing data from our clients, the media, and industry partners. We have compiled research specific to RoomSync performance as well as research involving the concept of roommate matching. This information helps us provide the best possible product to our users – and helps our clients make the most informed decisions when it comes to their roommate matching choices.

Originally published in 2018, our compilation of roommate matching research been revised with new content! The infographic now features findings from a study* funded by the ACUHO-I Research and Educational Foundation. The article "The Relationship of First-Year Residence Hall Roommate Assignment Policy with Interactional Diversity and Perceptions of the Campus Environment" shares that the study investigated how the roommate assignment process influences interactional diversity and perceptions of the campus environment for first-year students living on campus, and if these relationships differ by race/ethnicity and national origin.

"On average, students whose roommates were assigned by the institution (as opposed to choosing their own roommates) did not interact with diverse others more often. At the same time, however, Asian, Black and multiracial students who were assigned roommates by the institution perceived a substantially less welcoming campus environment than their same-race peers who chose their roommates."

Using roommate matching research from trusted resources, we’ve compiled this handy infographic, including an excerpt from the abstract findings referenced above. You can download a full resolution version – and many other pieces of research – in the research section of our website.