In case you missed it, check out what's new at RoomSync!  We've recently released a host of new features, tools, and design to our users and clients.

Residents of communities who use our import tools to transfer residents' data to RoomSync from their property management software can now add a preferred name and email to their RoomSync account.

Their preferred name will be displayed to potential roommates in the RoomSync app while allowing property teams to access the resident's legal name when retrieving RoomSync matching data.

Residents can also choose an email address used for RoomSync notifications if it differs from their official address on file with their community.

Residents who would like to take a break from matching or who are no longer looking for a roommate can now hide their profile at any time.

Hiding their profile will not affect their current matches, if they have any, and they will still receive notifications of new activity related to their profile.

Residents can choose to unhide their profile and resume matching activities at any time.

Ever wondered what words are blocked by RoomSync content filters?  We've now exposed this list to RoomSync admins.

Admins can see what words residents are not able to use within the RoomSync app and request a change if there's something they'd like to add, edit, or remove.

Instead of a universal list used by all communities, we now offer the ability to customize this list based on each community's needs.

The RoomSync Admin "Community" tool now features a robust design editor allowing admins to insert media, links, formatting, and more. Previously a plain text editor, this tool now gives admins the ability to fully customize the content shown to residents in the Community tab in the app.

Additionally, we now offer the same design functionality in our User Notification tools.  When residents confirm matches in the app, they can now receive content-rich messages from their housing office both directly in the app and via email.