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Austin, TX
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Owned and Managed
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Summer 2020


In 2020, American Campus Communities quickly identified significant shifts in resident expectations due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the increased attention towards health and the sharing of space with strangers.


The American Campus Communities leadership team endeavored to:

1. Address the increased resident demand for roommate self-selection.

2. Minimize additional roommate stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Streamline their roommate matching process seamlessly with their existing systems.

Why RoomSync

American Campus Communities chose RoomSync as their roommate self-selection platform because of its user-friendly interface and client-focused flexibility that supports their residents’ needs while also allowing for custom integration, tools, and settings.


Match Rate:
User Count:
Match Count:

The above statistics are across 133 properties in 2021, the second year of portfolio-wide implementation of RoomSync at American Campus Communities.

The significant increase in match rate from 2020 to 2021 highlights the success of a full matching season, as 2020 was a truncated season with a summer adoption.

Satisfaction & Other Findings from ACC Leadership

After the initial rollout in the summer of 2020, American Campus Communities saw an increase in resident and on-site team satisfaction, which continued to grow after their second year of use in 2021.

Partnering with RoomSync allowed on-site teams to step back from the matching process while residents took most of the responsibility upon themselves – a welcome shift in roommate responsibility for both residents and management alike.

RoomSync saved teams countless hours of roommate matching logistics across the entire ACC portfolio.

ACC leadership also found that RoomSync reduces the potential for roommate conflict and transfers throughout the year while also contributing to increased resident retention.

With residents selecting their own roommates and filtering out incompatible matches, the business and the resident both profit from a more enjoyable experience throughout their stay at the community.

“A move to RoomSync was a no brainer. Having all of our communities on a comprehensive solution allowed ACC to streamline how our communities facilitated the roommate matching process, giving our corporate office more visibility into opportunities for improvement for both our customers and site level staff." - Jeremy Cullins, VP of Leasing and Marketing

Leases Gained

In 2021, 4,935 residents indicated that their decision to choose an American Campus Communities property was positively impacted by their offering of RoomSync.

As RoomSync is established as an amenity over time, and with a full length 2021 season, ACC saw impressive growth in their Leases Generated number.

Best Practices

American Campus Communities adopted a highly successful RoomSync deployment plan where global community settings and templates were established by the corporate leadership team and implemented seamlessly across all their properties.

Since their initial rollout, ACC continues to provide clear direction and support for their on-site teams, which promotes a high level of RoomSync engagement.

Through communication, promotional and material support, and consistent training, ACC made RoomSync an integral part of their leasing workflow, which resulted in a high level of roommate and on-site team satisfaction.

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More residents are wanting control over the roommate selection process to determine who they will live with. While this has been the growing trend for years, the pandemic made this an issue of immediate focus.

American Campus Communities

Kimmy Kelley

SVP, Leasing & Marketing

American Campus Communities

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