The District on Apache

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The District on Apache


Tempe, AZ
Total Beds:
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Summer 2016


  1. Too time consuming to search large number of files for resident roommate requests.
  2. Residents blame management for unsuccessful matches.
  3. Random matching occasionally occurs.


  1. Eliminate difficulty in finding residents roommate requests.
  2. Reduce complaints about roommates.
  3. Shift conflict resolution responsibility away from management.

Why RoomSync

The District on Apache chose RoomSync because it is an easy to use system that saves time and reduces logistical difficulty in assigning rooms for 900 residents. They feel it is a great way for residents to "meet" each other before move-in day.


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Staff Findings

  • Significant reduction in roommate complaints.
  • Residents no longer blame management for roommate issues.
  • Saved 2 weeks time on matching activities.

Resident Feedback

  • RoomSync is easy to use.
  • Relieved stress and worry about roommate matching.
  • Positive feedback regarding the RoomSync roommate matching profile process.

Leases Gained

In 2019, 67 residents indicated that they chose to live at The District on Apache because they offer RoomSync.  An increase from 2018, in which 55 leases were gained.

Best Practices

  • The District on Apache communicates regularly with their residents about RoomSync, reminding them of the matching deadline and encouraging them to find a roommate.
  • The District on Apache makes RoomSync a routine part of their leasing process.
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Out residents love using RoomSync. It is an easy way for them to find their friends or match with people who are the best fit to live with. It is extremely user friendly and it is required by all of our future residents to use in order to make sure we place them with the right people!

The District on Apache

Amy Rigby

Leasing & Marketing Manager

The District on Apache

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