University Towers Raleigh

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University Towers


Raleigh, NC
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January 2012


  1. Too many calls from residents and parents about random roommate matching.
  2. Too much administrative time spent on roommate assignments.


  1. Reduce time spent on roommate matching
  2. Provide residents with a better housing experience

Why RoomSync

University Towers Raleigh chose RoomSync because it is an easy to implement system that doesn’t require technological savvy. They appreciated that RoomSync is affordable and accessible and that it empowers residents with choice.


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Staff Findings on RoomSync

  • 2.25 weeks of time saved on matching activities
  • High level of engagement within the RoomSync app
  • Results remain consistent year after year

Leases Gained

In 2016, 49 residents indicated that they chose to live at UT Raleigh because they offer RoomSync.

Best Practices

  • University Towers Raleigh promotes RoomSync on every tour and leasing phone call. By creating awareness of the app, they see high user numbers.
  • University Towers Raleigh makes RoomSync a standard part of their leasing process for all residents and has eliminated the paper matching questionnaire.
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Students thought it was a great feature and most were able to find a roommate through RoomSync. We plan to continue using it.

University Towers

Clayton Hayer

General Manager

University Towers

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