Your community has chosen a cross-platform roommate matching solution to help you find the perfect roommate and give you the power of choice when it comes to sharing your living space with others.

RoomSync at a glance

Search & Browse

You’ll be able to search for roommates using a powerful host of filters and compatibility tools.

Private Network

Your profile and matching will take place within a private network for your community.

It’s Mutual

All activity and matches must be mutual in RoomSync. Your RoomSync experience is your choice.

Multiple Platforms

The RoomSync app is available on iPhone, Android, and the web for a seamless multi-platform experience.

Simple Registration

Once you’re invited to join, you’ll be able to easily register for an account using an existing Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

Dedicated Support

RoomSync  is here for you! We work with your community team to provide support in any area you need.

How it Works



You’ll receive an invitation link used to join RoomSync.  Check with your community for more details on their invitation timeline and methods.



After accepting your invitation, you’ll register for RoomSync using a Google, Apple, or Facebook account.  The account you choose at this step becomes your official RoomSync login.



You’ll create an epic profile filled with your lifestyle preferences, social accounts, hobbies, interests, academic major, and more.



You’ll browse profiles, swiping right to save or left to skip.  You can also use advanced search tools to narrow your search or search for a specific person.



As you continue your search, you can start direct, group, or video chats to get to know each other.



When you find “the one” you’ll send, receive, accept (or deny) roommate requests and manage your matching activity. Finally, your confirmed matches will be sent to your community as your roommate requests.

Did you know?

Research shows that healthy roommate
relationships increase GPA and student persistence.
Living with the right roommate allows you a fuller and more successful college experience.

Detailed Roommate Profiles

Lifestyle Questions

You will answer a set of customized questions detailing your habits and preferences for your living environment. Your choices are showcased on your matching profile and are used to provide a compatibility percentage with potential roommates.

Academic Majors

You will select your academic major(s) from a custom list based on your university’s majors or the university served by your community. Potential roommates can see your choices and can use these to search for others with similar interests.

Housing Options

As an added layer of search criteria, you may found a custom Housing Options list that might include items like residence hall preferences, community location preferences, and more.

Social Media Accounts

You can link your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest accounts to your RoomSync profile, allowing potential roommates to get a full picture of your interests and personality.

Lifestyle Questions
Academic Majors
Housing Options
Social Media Accounts
Swipe to Like
Filter Profiles
Send Direct and Group Chats
Post on the Discussion Board

Powerful Resident Search Tools

Swipe to Like

The RoomSync app uses a fun, interactive browsing format where you will swipe through potential roommate profiles, swiping left to skip and right to like. If two of you mutually swipe right, you are notified that you’re “Sync’d” and are prompted to get to know each other better.

Filter Profiles

You can narrow your potential roommate search by applying lifestyle filters or searching by academic majors, housing options, or specific names.

Send Direct and Group Chats

You can connect directly within RoomSync app using built-in chat and messaging tools.

Post on the Discussion Board

Each community or university offering RoomSync has a private network set up for their matching group. Within this network, you can establish a sense of community and start conversations using the built-in discussion board.

With RoomSync you’ll be


You choose with whom you’d like to share space.


You’ll enjoy a more peaceful and healthy roommate relationship because your choice was mutual.


You can get to know others within your community and build relationships before you even move in.

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