How It Started

In 2020, American Campus Communities quickly identified significant shifts in resident expectations due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the increased attention towards health and the sharing of space with strangers.

The American Campus Communities leadership team endeavored to:

1. Address the increased resident demand for roommate self-selection.

2. Minimize additional roommate stress brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Streamline their roommate matching process seamlessly with their existing systems.

American Campus Communities chose RoomSync as their roommate self-selection platform because of its user-friendly interface and client-focused flexibility that supports their residents’ needs while also allowing for custom integration, tools, and settings.

How It's Going

Across 133 properties in 2021, the second year of portfolio-wide implementation of RoomSync at American Campus Communities, they saw the following results:

After the initial rollout in the summer of 2020, American Campus Communities saw an increase in resident and on-site team satisfaction, which continued to grow after their second year of use in 2021.

Partnering with RoomSync allowed on-site teams to step back from the matching process while residents took most of the responsibility upon themselves – a welcome shift in roommate responsibility for both residents and management alike.

RoomSync saved teams countless hours of roommate matching logistics across the entire ACC portfolio.

ACC leadership also found that RoomSync reduces the potential for roommate conflict and transfers throughout the year while also contributing to increased resident retention.

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